I’ve been getting a lot of asks in my Tumblr ask box lately from people who have trouble sleeping (probably because they’re on Tumblr!) All jokes aside, sleeping well is important. Not getting enough sleep can cause weight gain, depression, and a whole host of other unwanted health problems.


So, I’m here today to give you a guide that will help even those of you with insane schedules to sleep better at night.

1. Try Relaxing Teas

Honestly, I don’t know what I did without tea. Not only is it delicious, healthy, and doesn’t have added sugar (if you’re using a tea bag), but now there are certain kinds of teas that can help you sleep!

There are two kinds of Relaxing Tea that I like the best: one is Teakanne’s Relaxing Tea (which comes in several different flavors) and the other is Yogi tea.

2. Use Your REM Cycle to Your Advantage

Ever wanted to monitor your sleep cycles so you could wake up fully rested every morning, regardless of how much sleep you got the night before? Well, there’s an app for that! Sleep Time is this beautiful app available for iPhone and Android, and you place it face down on your bed and it tracks your REM cycle, and then based on what time you wake up, the alarm goes off at the optimal time as to not wake up up in the middle of a cycle, which would cause you to feel drowsy.

I’ve been using this app for months, and I love it. Way better than the traditional alarm, and it’s really cool to see a graph of all your sleep cycles. It does suck up a lot of battery life, but it’s definitely worth it.

3. Exercise During the Day, or Do Yoga Before Bed

Burn off your restless energy by doing yoga before going to bed. Tara Stiles — one of my favorite Youtube Yogis — has a great before bed yoga routine I like to do. Check it out here!

4. Shut off Electronics Early

The bright light of the computer and cell phone screens can keep you up at night– so turn them off an hour before you go to bed if you’re still having problems getting to sleep.

5. Try Some White Noise

Sleep Time has some White Noise soundtracks you can listen to before you go to bed, but there are also some other free iphone apps out there with white noise as well. These are great for tuning out all of the thoughts that cloud your head and make it difficult to get to sleep at night.

6. Write Your Worries Away

When I have trouble sleeping, I pull out a journal and write down anything that I’m anxious or stressed about. Writing is nonsensically therapeutic, and when you write down your problems they become strangely insignificant. It’s as if putting a name to what’s troubling you suddenly makes it conquerable. I know it sounds silly– but give it a try!


Well, I hope this post helps you guys get more shut eye.

Sleep well!


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