13 signs that your partner is cheating on you

You were getting over some things a while? Maybe it’s time to tell him now!

No one wants to be cheated on. Cheating may destroy your trust and self-confidence. Cheating is noticeable and there are some obvious signs that your partners is cheating on you, even if you were getting over some things soon.

13 signs that your partner is cheating on you

If you are not sure whether your partner is cheating on you, try these things out:

  1. The offense is the best defense. He offends you for cheating.
  2. He accuses you for every little detail, that he feels less guilty.
  3. Hiding his mobile when you are together, and improving his mood when he is looking at the phone.
  4. Checking your mobile often than before, while getting angry and strange behavior if you check his.
  5. Suddenly there are more work tasks and obligations than usual, late night meetings, weekend activities, that you are not included. You see each other rarely.
  6. Mood changing – at the moment he is in love with you, and then, suddenly he becomes frustrated about you and everything about you.
  7. Buying new lingerie, more self-care, new look, getting new hairstyle more than before, is another sign that he is having an affair.
  8. Exchanging feelings with you without the previous tenderness
  9. You get pretty detailed answer about where he was and what he was doing.
  10. There is always someone who knows that your partner is cheating on you. Try to notice if some of his friends changed their behavior on you.
  11. If your partner was the person who was spending his time with you at home together and now became the person who usually goes out alone, probably there is something wrong.
  12. If you mention cheating, he gets offended that you ever doubt it.
  13. Having more business dinners, he needs more time to answer your phone call than before.

Have you noticed any of them in your partner? Let us know in the comments!