Finding a good job nowadays equals to a miracle, and having a good boss it is even greater miracle. However, some are lucky enough to have both and frankly we envy them.

4 sentences each worker wants to hear from their boss

Meanwhile, here are four sentences that every worker wants to hear by his superior at work:

“Excellent progress”

You certainly are aware that you put a lot of effort and give your best work, but the feeling to get such praise is precious. It simply encourages and motivates you. At the same time, you realize that the boss is empathetic, notices your diligence and is not arrogant or egoistic, someone who wants to stand out just himself but highlights those that are worth.

“Thank you”

It is true, you are at work and you are paid to do your job. But good words like please and thank you are always welcome to hear. The virtue to say thank you indicates that no one takes you for granted and you are respected and valued. And everyone wants to feel that way in the workplace.

“I am happy that you are part of the team”

How uncomfortable is to hear that well known saying – Nobody is irreplaceable.  You feel so sick that it makes you scream. Imagine instead of that saying, your boss tells you that he is happy that you are an irreplaceable part of the team and you do great job. Wouldn’t that be wonderful to hear?

“You’ll get a wage increase”

Music for our ears, cherry on the cake, summarizes all of the above praise. It is nice to receive and hear them, but at the end of the day shoulder tap is not worth anything without financial satisfaction.