A healthy breakfast seems that it is not what you originally expected.

We often have doubt about which foods are the best to consume in the morning for breakfast. But does any food on an empty stomach, no matter how healthy, is also useful for the rest of the day?

The stomach does not react same to food when it is full, and when is empty. That is why you should not start the day with heavy food, but rather with a light meal, but such meals are also able to harm us because of certain compounds that contain themselves.

Simply stated, although they are healthy, they are not the most suitable to consume as a first meal. There are some healthy foods that you should not eat them for breakfast because they can cause diarrhea, heartburn, stomach irritation and other.

This time we will try to list all the foods we commonly eat for breakfast. Some of those you should either eat or avoid because of certain properties which at that time of day they are not desirable for the body.


Numerous studies show that eating eggs for breakfast reduces total daily caloric intake. Therefore, feel free to boil them or fry them for your first meal.


Eating tomatoes on an empty stomach can increase the acidity in the stomach because tannin acids that are found in them. This increases the risk of getting a stomach ulcer, which is why tomatoes should be avoided when it comes to breakfast.

Oat flakes

Oat flakes are able to form a kind of protective layer of the stomach and thereby protect the gastric walls from hydrochloric acid. Therefore, they are always a great choice for breakfast.


Drinking coffee or tea on an empty stomach can cause upset stomach and nausea. Like tomatoes, coffee also can increase the acidity in the stomach, so it is better to be avoided in the morning.


Watermelon has the power to hydrate the body because of the high water content. It contains lycopene, which is great for the heart, skin and regulation of blood sugar. So, watermelon for breakfast? Yes!

Citrus fruits

Oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits can cause problems for those who suffer from inflammation of the esophagus because this fruit still is not the best choice to be consumed on an empty stomach.


Blueberries are great for breakfast. They help to speed up metabolism, regulate blood pressure and improve memory. So, all that is needed in the body from early morning, blueberries are able to move and motivate.


Juices, even those freshly squeezed, quickly lower the glucose level in the blood, which additionally increases hunger. This means that juices should be avoided in the mornings!


Walnut, hazelnut or almond reduces the risk of getting a stomach ulcer, because it normalizes the pH levels in the stomach. They will help you stay fuller longer period.


Buckwheat as grain improves digestion. Buckwheat contains iron and numerous vitamins and protein. It is an excellent choice for an empty stomach.

Spicy food

Spices can stimulate the production of gastric acids and it can damage the mucous membrane if is consumed on an empty stomach.


Honey can improve the work of the intestine, digestion, immune system and help the body get rid of viruses and bacteria. Slice whole meal bread smeared with honey is an excellent choice for the first daily meal.


The high acidity of the empty stomach reduces all the advantages of lactic acid bacteria which are found in yogurt, so it is not a good choice.


The mash of cornstarch helps eliminate heavy metals in cells and tissues, and in addition, it regulates the intestinal microflora. That means eating polenta for breakfast is a good choice.