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Relaxing during pregnancy is mandatory, but finding the perfect place, seating position and rest is a challenge for pregnant women. For example, insert a pillow under your beg to avoid pain.

Extra weight carried by a pregnant woman causes back pain, especially in the last months of pregnancy. There are several things you can do to relieve stress, back pain and generally shirk pregnancy.

Proper resting position

Make sure your back has the necessary support while sitting. Sitting on a sofa, chair and even the bed can be inconvenient. You should have extra pillows to support the lower back. The ideal choice are flexible chairs, while strong and adjustable to your body and needs.

Practice yoga

When physical activities or exercise programs for pregnant women are being recommended, first suggestion is always yoga. Yoga relaxes the mind and muscles simultaneously, while special yoga for pregnant women include excellent exercises designed especially for women in pregnancy. Yoga will help you to easily deal with you modified body during pregnancy. Moderate and proper muscles stretching will increase their flexibility and strength, abdomen, buttocks and legs – which is especially important during pregnancy when the body needs to carry additional weight. Practicing yoga will strengthen muscles, relax your body and teach you how to properly sit, stand and move during pregnancy.


Meditation is an activity that you can practice it almost everywhere and anytime. Ithas an excellent effect on the psychic, and thus your physical condition. There are multiple ways of meditation, but the basic things that you need are quiet and peaceful place, soft seating pad, relaxing music and optional, audio guide for this purpose. With regular meditation you will increase pain tolerance that you are going to use it in dealing with back pain and furthermore, with childbirth pain. Meditation has proven to initiate relaxation of the whole body with reducing the release of stress hormones – whose bed effects like high blood pressure and muscle tension are being significantly reduced.