On a travel forum, world travelers ranked the countries where residents are kind to tourists and where they are not very fond of tourists. Sure, there aren’t any parameters that could make the official list, but here are some tourists experiences.

But first of all, let’s be honest. When we sum up our experiences after the trip, the kindness of the people we met has big impact on our overall experience about a destination.


“While smiling is a sign of friendship in many countries, in Russia it is considered insincere” – found Chris Kaluvarets while traveling by metro in Moscow. “Whenever I wanted to ask people how to get to a place, my first impression was that no one wants to help me. When I tried to make contacts, no one smiled at me, nor was approachable. Later, I realized that in Russia smile directed toward foreigners are interpreted as ridicule. Then I asked them to give me a direction and I realized they were very kind and willing to help, just do not smile at foreigners” he said.


When it comes to passengers who visited China, what bothered them the most is that the Chinese approach too close to each other when talking or while waiting in line like they don’t respect your “personal space.” Of course, this is not to be obscene, but it’s common in this culture.


If there is official list, France would probably be on the top of the list. Almost all of the tourists that visited France, found the people there very rude. Describing his stay in Paris and Avignon, Naomi Baker wrote: “Many times I was treated very badly by the agents who sell tickets at train stations, the security and info bureau agents.”

“The worst place I have ever been in terms of the attitude towards tourists is definitely France. Paris is by far the worst. The people are unpleasant, and when I asked a man for instructions, he cursed.” complained Holly Ann Blatt.


Askhat Vaidzha who visited Argentina, said she was outraged of the unkindness of the locals. “People are very rude wherever you are – the south, north, in rural or urban areas of the country. They are rude even in national parks, which is completely absurd.”

Hong Kond

The “Capital” of business Hong Kong is also very bed categorized.  “I think people who live there do not know the meaning of the word kindness.”  wrote an anonymous member of the forum.

Italy, Iceland, Canada, Turkey, Mexico and Brazil are among the countries where people are rude to tourists.

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