Most of us eat chips on a daily basis, we buy ketchup at least once a month, we may often have surimi on our table… But what we actually eat? What we really buy? We buy almost the same products on a daily basis, but do we really know what’s in them?

For instance, you will hardly find any fresh tomatoes in the ketchup… Here is the list:

  1. There is just as little as more than one potato in small pack of chips
  2. Only 3 real potatoes are included in production process in mid-sized pack of chips.
  3. There are just as little as more than 6 potatoes in XL sized pack of chips.
  4. “Fresh orange juice” is consisted of orange concentrate and max. 2 pieces of fresh orange
  5. There aren’t any fresh tomatoes in ketchup, its only diluted tomato paste. (This paste is made with pre-digested and dehydrated tomatoes, where large percentage of the nutritional value is lost).
  6. Surimi sticks are made of finely ground fish. There is no shrimp meat at all.

We should definitely be aware of what we eat in order to keep ourselves and our children healthy. Do you usually check what you are buying from the markets?